João Guimarães is a researcher born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, and since 2017 he works as a PhD student in the Donders Institute.

As a researcher, he is interested in investigating the biological causes of ADHD. We know genes partially explain why someone may develop the altered behavior that characterizes ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. If these genetic factors influence behavior, they are expected to affect brain activity to certain level as well. His goal is to find evidence pointing to this relationship between human genes, brain, and behavior.

In his free time, he likes to give his brain some rest by doing sports or cooking. Still, his curiosity about the world we live in makes him wonder, especially outside office. A deeper topic you discuss with friends in a cafe, a hypothetical scenario you are confronted with by watching a movie or a TV show, the emotions you feel while listening to your favorite artists, a different reality that you were not aware before… By joining Donders Wonders, he hopes to use his curiosity as a tool that provides interesting topics of discussion, and contributes to your interest in science!

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