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Roselyne Chauvin (1990) studied Health, Technology and Engineering before doing a masters in Cognitive Neuroscience in Paris. She left France to begin her PhD at the Donders Institute, Nijmegen. During her summer holidays, she used to work as a camp counselor with both typically developing children and children with developmental disabilities.  This sparked her curiosity about normal and abnormal human development, resulting in her decision to get a PhD on this topic. Her current research is focused on the ways in which children with ADHD may develop differently from typically developing children.

When she is not working on her PhD, Roselyne is involved in science outreach. Specifically, she writes children’s stories and draws comics about the brain and robotics. Sometimes she also uses the skills she acquired through her other hobbies, music and computer programming, to collaborate with artists on creating shows that explain science in a magical and fascinating way.

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