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Annelies van Nuland (1991) has a Bachelor’s in Medical Biology and a Masters in Neuroscience from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. For her current PhD research she is studying tremor, or shaking, by patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Why does the severity of this phenomenon vary so greatly across patients (from very strong to almost entirely absent)? But also: why can tremor sometimes be unresponsive to medication, even when other symptoms improve? Together with the Medical Neurology department she tries to find answers to these questions here at the Donders.

Meanwhile she’s also involved in promoting the neurological discoveries of others. By writing blog posts she hopes to find out more about the wide-ranging research in neuroscience together with readers and fellow bloggers. In addition, she can frequently be spotted on the dance floor (at the dance studio or elsewhere), or while hiking or biking in Nijmegen and around.

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